The third match day of the CS:GO EPS is ahead of us. After the win against the Snogard Dragons we're of course eager to continue well against the w4sp team on our way to the playoffs. Every win is a good preparation for the copenhagen games next month. Join on the GOTV and support our team for this match.

Statement by Team-manager Robin "Blitza97" Dreger
ew round, new luck: After the loss in yesterdays match that has kept us from getting three points, our team will go all out on Thursday evening to secure the three points this time around. The opponent this time will be the Snogard Dragons who have met their expectations after their win against Iplay – but what exactly does the first match day prove? Nothing, really... Which is why our guys are going to show them who's boss on de_nuke tonight. Tune in, the match will be streamed by Knochen.

Statement by Team-Manager blitza97
May the games begin - finally! We've been waiting for a long time to partake in the CS:GO EPS, and now the chance is finally here and we're going to grab it by the horns. Thuesday will see the first matchday, so get your game face on, team. The first map to show our skills will be de_inferno_se where we'll be facing one of the favourites overall, mouzesports. The match is starting around 21:00, so get supportive because every point counts.

Statement from Team-Manager Robin 'blitza97' Dreger
It took a while but now the deed is done: MTF.Gaming is back in the german GS:GO EPS season in what will be last season for our director. There has been a rethinking process after we failed to secure a spot straight away during the qualification cup and the relegation matches.

But now we're back and we can proudly state the fact that we did it. We would also like to announce the return of two players to our esteemed franchise: Timo Hofmann and Kevin Baumgardt will be back in our squad after playing a season for Red Dead Esport.

Statement from Robert 'foppa_shot' Klatt

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