There are new changes on the horizon for our CS:GO team. People might think it's a setback, but we'd beg to differ.

You might ask why there's going to be changes with the team after the successful EMS qualifiers; It's true that a change in our setup might come at a disadvantage, but it has its merits too. AlexRr has left the team because of internal difficulties, but we'd like to take the time to express our respect for his performance in our matches and we wish him all the best and lots of success at Eyes on You

Yesterday we engaged in the second round of the online qualifier finals for Katowice against Team Alternate. Remember: We managed to kick them out in the first qualifiers for the German national finals already.
Now we're heading off against them once again and, at first, it looked like a done deal. On inferno our team had once more shown that it belongs in the top team rankings in Germany and won 16:14.

The second map, de_dust2, should not have been an issue either, since our team has its strengths on this map. But Team Alternate wasn't going to let go so easily and prepared well for this particular map. This meant that at the end of the day, a result of 12:16 meant a draw in maps and we had to go to overtime once more, this time to de_mirage.
The first German online qualifier evening for Katowice is over and there have been issues.
Still, let's review the evening: Our team had been the underdog versus /10/ who started as a clear favourite with players like struxi.
After the first map, it was 15:15 and it had to go to overtime in which we won 4:1 and 2:0. Final score: 21:16 for our team.
The second map was lost in a close match with 13:16, so a decision had to be made on de_dust2. And for the longest time it looked like a decision was about to happen, with a current result of 12:1 in our favour.
But here come the issues: Both /10/ and our team have been DDOSed so badly we had to interrupt the game; Several players had frequent disconnects and only 6 players in total were on the server at any given time.
What happens next? It was decided to postpone the match by one day and resume with the current result of 12:01
New Year resolutions - how 'bout ours? We announced some changes for this year after our Christmas meeting and, wouldn't you know, we have something for you: After we had to split with our server providers from FirstColo (FSHost, Mr.ZAP & Bouncer4you) we were hard pressed to find a substitute.
But, truth be told, we found one - and we want to go new ways with our new partner and strive for success.
We're proud to announce that renowned provider "CKRAS" will cooperate with MTF.Gaming from this day forward.

We'd like to thank Mr. Pritschet for the trust he puts in our organization. Thank you very much.
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