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CS:GO EPS Druckwelle vs. MTF.Gaming
2013-03-02 at 3:23 PM - blitza97
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Fifth match day is upon us in the EPS and our team is currently sitting in fifth place with two losses and two wins. The last match against Coreplay was ours to lose and we managed to let it slip and lose 14:16 on de_train. Which is why our team should reap three points against Druckwelle, because after this round the maprotation resets and we have to play de_inferno_se again. Six wins are needed for our playoff spot - won't be easy, but it's feasible.

Statement from Team-Manager Robin 'blitza97' Dreger

The fifth match day of the CS:GO EPS is here and my team is in fifth spot.

The match tonight is a match I've been looking forward to for some time now. Three new, old MTF players against three former MTF players - and it's a match on equal terms: Like us, Druckwelle has won two matches and lost two, one of which was against mousesports (like we did). For me personally, this is one of the highlights of this round.

After we gave away the win on de_train, we've got to make it right on de_dust2; A map which is still like an old Gathermap to me - one, where certain Go's never change. We won't lack aiming, but might be lacking some of the finesse skills of the team to come out on top. Druckwelle will have prepared for this match the way we did and won't make it easy. As this match could be a big turning point in the early rounds, this means: All or nothing - we won't take a draw. Onwards, MTF!

MTF.Gaming a.s.b.l. gegen DRUCKWELLE

Endstand: 0 : 0

Link: Matchlink

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