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Gameday 6 versus Eyes on you
2013-03-06 at 2:01 PM - blitza97
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The fifth match day of the CS:GO EPS Spring Season is on now and our team is sitting in fifth spot with a 2-1-2 stat. That spot however is hard fought for and we have to give it our all. According to calculation we have to put up three more wins to make it to the playoffs – but that's just statistics and calculation, like I said. Even so, the fifth match day has to be a win for us.

The opponent will be the winless Eyes on You team – with four matches in the loss collumn they're way back in the ranks. They're still missing a match after the wildcard with w4sp. We can be hyped for this match, as a win should be a safe bet

Statement from Team-Manager Robin 'blitza97' Dreger

Bad luck always comes in bunches – that's fitting. The first loss was a dud, the second one just a streak of bad luck and the third one just a series of disasters. But do we care? Nope – we don't. Because we know we can do better and handle it.

Tonight we're meeting with „eyes on you“, which are currently sitting in last spot of the season with 0-0-4. Question is, if they're stuck there for a good reason or if it's just due to the heavyweights they had to face lately. Anyway, we're not far from being a heavyweight fighter either – with 400kg we should be able to crush our opponent, even if it's not our favourite map.

Speaking of which – seeing as it's not our favourite map, that can only mean one thing: The mapcycpe repeats and de_inferno_se is back again. Still, our preparations have been good and the motivation is higher than ever as the CPH games are near. I want to wish everyone a nice and successful game – may the best one win!
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