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CS:GO Team Update
2014-03-24 at 7:54 PM - Netsky
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Every organization will see the day when it has to part with long-time members. Of course, that includes us: After three years of trust and partnership, Kevin "kev1n" B. and his friend Florian "fl0w". will be leaving us.

The work of both has lead to many memorable moments and a high amount of trust as well as a deeply engrained friendship. But both of them want to concentrate more on their private life for now and have thus chosen to let the gaming pat behind them. Fortunately, they haven't excluded a return yet.

Tobias "tow b" H. will also be leaving us in favor of his private life, but also because of the several small setbacks he's had with his teams over the past months.

Rob and syrson will be continuing to play, but it's currently unsure if they will be playing for MTF.Gaming and its new CS:GO team or with another organization.

The entire MTF.Gaming organization wishes to thank both Kevin and Florian for their time, work ethic and their long lasting trust and wish them the best of luck for the future - you're always welcome back. We'd also like to thank Tobi for his patience with the team.

And thus ends an era in CS:GO history for MTF.Gaming. Who knows what's next? Stay tuned.

Statement by Robin "blitza97" D. , Team Manager.

A team might split, but we'll endure. My team was strong, both on the servers and off them. But after all, a team is just a chain of members and once one part of it breaks, the entire chain is failing.

Gaming and private life have long been two things that are not easy to manage side by side. We are no exception: Our team was strong and had high expectations, but this will effectively put that to an end. My guys have invested so much time towards their goal, they let their private life slip just a bit. But as always there comes a time where you have to make a decision.

I'm glad they chose wisely and opted to concentrate on their private life for now. But unfortunately that means starting from scratch. But since I've always had a good relation to my players and respected them and their decisions, I'm glad to have worked together with them and am happy about their choices.

I wish them all the best and may they reach their goals. It's not a goodbye for us at MTF.Gaming, you always meet twice.

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