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6 : 0
Aborted Pannicular Fetus
Dut0n - Milfeulle - Netsky - pischto - Risiko - Splinter 6 versus 6 Haj, Sipuli, Maakep, Poopmaister6000, Elmo5896, Eraser

Category S12 - Div 6
Date 2012-05-09 at 8:00 PM
Matchlink www.etf2l.org/matches/34893/
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Report Report of the adversary
That second match appeared to be more of a challenge as the first one as we had to practice and play cp_granaray - which we haven't played in a "while" and we haven't been playing as team for a week. Now surprisingly that went pretty well, we were playing like we have had no break and we "pros" on granary - so let's more on tho the other map. We have been perfecting our team work on cp_gullywash which allowed us to scrore an other 5 - 0 here.
All considered a very easy game, nevertheless very friendly opponents

Map Result Comment
Granary 5 : 0
Gullywash 5 : 0

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